FourSquare: The Champion of Check-Ins

Richard Niño | @_Richard_Nino Did you know that checking in at locations could be beneficial for your business? The mobile app FourSquare has quickly innovated how users can make or break a business.

How can FourSquare help my business?

           FourSquare is currently the most used check-in app with millions of users checking in at their favorite locations. Some businesses use it to offer incentives such as discounts, coupons or free meals. Others interact with their guests by hosting quizzes, polls, etc. to keep their guests entertained when they visit. The more that is offered to guests, the more they’re willing to come back.

FourSquare is also an excellent advertising medium. With 50 million users utilizing FourSquare, a business can attract customers in the area who are deciding where to go next.

What’s new?

            FourSquare is making their app more personable, and less one-sized-fits-all. By giving the app personal preferences, it will be on the lookout for places that are a good match. No two people will be exactly the same. Once the new app is taught about a person it will be programmed to their likes.

FourSquare has also rolled out their new app Swarm. Swarm will focus on keeping track of and meeting up with friends. It will also replace FourSquare for check-ins, leaving FourSquare to focus on finding great places for the user.

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