What jobs can social media certification help you get?

Colleen Fielder | @yogirlcfield You might have already heard, social media is becoming a serious choice for those interested in a marketing career. Universities have even begun offering social media as a major or minor. Constant Contacts Small Business: Then & Now conducted a survey in May 2013 and found that 87% of small businesses are using social media as a marketing tool and there are over 18,000 (and growing) LinkedIn members claiming to be social media marketers. But a job in social media is a lot more than a few good tweets or a status update. You’ll need to be highly skilled in analytics, communication and research. You’ll also need a solid understanding of social behavior and innovative ideas to grab the attention of your audience. If you’re considering a job in social media here are a few careers to explore.

According to AOL jobs and payscale.com the top social media jobs for 2014 include: SEO specialist, social media strategist, social media-marketing manager, online community manager and blogger.


  1. SEO specialist –Search Engine Optimization specialist. Plan on having a tech background if you’re interested in this profession. You’ll be using algorithms to optimize search results for your client. If you’re tech savvy and a total math geek, this job is for you. Salary ranges from $25,793-$60,360
  2. Social Media Strategist-As a strategist, you will help develop an image for your company, and increase recognition for products using various social media marketing techniques. You’ll need plenty of experience is social media marketing if you’re interested in this position. Annual salary is around $61,000
  3. Social Media Marketing Manager- Just like it sounds, you’ll be managing marketing on social media. Most likely you’ll be overseeing a team and coming up with new and effective strategies, as well as, managing multiple social media platforms to reach your audience. Annual salary is around $57,000
  4. Online Community Manager-You’ll be responsible for maintaining your brand position within the online community. This includes making sure active engagement is being made between the business and consumers and measuring positive and negative online reviews. Salary ranges from $30,538 to $72,662
  5. Blogger-Many times marketing agencies hire talented bloggers as freelance writers or full time to write for their company or a client. Blogs are a major part of social media. Salary ranges from $15,417-$69,634

To help you land these jobs within social media, consider getting a TSMBE Certification. The Social Media Business Equation Certification Program is offered by Social Media Delivered and helps improve your social media marketing skills. You’ll learn how to efficiently use sites likes, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs. In addition, you’ll learn how to personally craft content for your intended audience and target potential customers. These skills are crucial for a job in social media and can set you apart from the competition. Interested? Find out more information here.


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