Streamline Your Plan: Social Bookmarking

Tara Wasenius | @taradubya Chances are you have bookmarks to your favorite sites, a list you want to save for later, or even a recipe you plan to use during the holidays. Imagine being able to share those bookmarks with your social media friends and followers, while also accessing them from different computers and platforms. You can accomplish these things with the social bookmarking service, Delicious, which helps you gather everything you need to have a successful social media plan, making everything a cohesive unit. delicious How can social bookmarking help your company succeed in the social media world?


Having a successful social media plan all starts with preparation and researching. Where are your coworkers getting all those cool articles? What can you give your followers that they’ll not only find useful but want to keep coming back for more? Delicious helps the user organize any content he/she comes across daily, keeping a running tab of resources to share or, if time is scarce, to save for later reading. This running list can be found anywhere the user can access the internet making it portable and convenient.


If the plan and research are the bone, sharing content is the meaty part of what social media marketing is about. Not only should you be sharing with your followers, but also with others in your company. Delicious streamlines this process so instead of sending emails back and forth with coworkers, you can create a company account where all users can add bookmarks to be shared. This keeps everyone on the same page and generates a whole in terms of content shared with followers.


Have you ever found yourself on the 10th page of Google, empty handed? The internet is a vast land of noise and finding exactly what you want can prove to be difficult, but Delicious can help you with that. Whether it’s a specific source, person, or even yourself, this site can keep track of every time you or that person/company is mentioned somewhere on the internet automatically. For you and your company, this can help follow your clientele’s testimonials without wasting time searching through the noise.

Delicious is an efficient way to keep you or your company on the right path of your social media marketing plan. Its uses are not limited to the three features I’ve listed above, but are seemingly endless depending on your specific needs.

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