Customize Your Shoes With Your Instagram Pictures

Rianna Babb | @HermioneTweeted Have you ever loved a photo so much, you want to wear it? How about on your sneakers? With the new app from Adidas you can do just that. People can customize items like your keys, phone, clothing, internet browser, and other virtual experiences. In this technology-driven world, having a photo of your choice on your shoes doesn’t seem like a far reach at all.

shoes This new undertaking is an initiative of Adidas’ “Mi Adidas” strategy. Partnering with Instagram, the company is able to personalize the customer experience. Almost all of us share our photos anyway. However, allowing anyone to choose pictures to embed into shoes has never been done.

As a company, you could get creative with what you shoot and Instagram it. Maybe use Lego bricks to make your company logo. Use colored Popsicle sticks to write the name of your brand. Use fairy lights to spotlight a room with a few of your products featured. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So let the photos on shoes speak for you. The possibilities are as vast as you can imagine to promote your business.

Customization and personalization is definitely the way to go if you have the means to do so in almost every business. Don’t forget about the photo filters so you can give the photo more style. The app works best for the ZX Flux Sneakers line, and they are currently available with preset images. What do you think you’d get on your shoes? Proudest moment? Meeting your favorite celebrity? Company logo? Picture of your business URL? You can try it out when the app publicly launches in August for Apple and Android devices.

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