Top Sports Stars on Twitter

Michaela Wright | @caelawright12 Twitter has changed the way we watch and interact with our favorite (and not so favorite) sports teams and players. They offer a window into their lives. Here is a compiled list of the top 5 male and female sports presences on social media and what others can and should learn from them:


Rafael Nadal | @RafaelNadal

-  With a huge twitter following, Rafa connects with his followers to celebrate their mutual love of tennis. He tweets in both English and Spanish, making it easier to connect with his fans wherever they may be. He doesn’t promote, and tweets straight from the heart, which is why his fans love him.

Lebron James | @KingJames

- Love him or hate him, Lebron is one of the most followed basketball players both on and off the court. What Lebron does that we like is that he steps away from social media during the playoffs. Some fans are annoyed, but most realize that it's giving him more time to focus on what he does best – winning.

Cristiano Ronaldo | @Cristiano

- Real Madrid and Portugal team captain, Ronaldo has over 21 million followers on twitter. This allows him to immediately connect with his fans and thank them for their support. He finds the perfect mix between personal tweets and promoting his sponsors with lots of pictures, which his fans love.

Michael Phelps | @MichaelPhelps

- The most decorated Olympian of all time also has an impressive social media following. He uses his profile to share stories from his day, training tips, and his cute pup – Herm. He tweets during events like football and golf games, making him seem much more personable.

Russell Wilson | @DangeRussWilson

-  Wilson’s tweets are some of the most honest out there. He shares experiences from his road to where he is today, raising awareness for his charity initiatives. Among these, he posts pictures with inspiring individuals he encounters while visiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital – making this quarterback extra loveable.


Serena Williams | @serenawilliams

-  Arguably the best female tennis player of all time, Serena does a good job of becoming more personable online. She chats with fans and lets them catch a glimpse of what a day in her life is like.  After a while, you feel like you’re just having a conversation with a girlfriend – a multimillionaire girlfriend.

Danica Patrick | @danicapatrick

- Danica is another athlete that does a great job interacting and answering fan questions. She can also be quite funny, interacting with other racers on twitter and getting fans engaged. It’s a good mix of girly and racing- just like her.

Lindsey Vonn | @lindseyvonn

- Lindsey does a great job motivating her followers. She is always sharing tips and tricks for fitness and well as motivation quotes. She also often links to her Instagram account, building followers there as well.

Alex Morgan | @alexmorgan13

- Alex not only answers her fan’s questions, but she also ASKS them herself. She is good about sharing her favorite bars and restaurants for the area she is in. She also posts funny cat videos – because who doesn’t love those?

Jennie Finch | @JennieFinch

-  Finch tweets multiple times a day with information about softball camps, stories she wants to share and her cooking habits and tips. What we like about her feed is that she steps outside the realm of sports to really connect with her fans everyday lives.

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