5 Brands Who Rock At Vine

Micaela Wright | @caelawright12 Creative juices running low? Need to add a little spice to your videos? Here are five companies that take full advantage of those six seconds and create effective and memorable Vines.

1. GE

GE takes advantage of its alliance with science and produces incredible 6-second videos showing science experiments, like a potato light bulb, and explaining concepts like the water cycle. They’re short, unique, creative and eye-catching – and most importantly, they relate to the brand.

2. Samsung

Samsung’s Vines show the versatility of their products whether large or small. From showing a basketball player shooting hoops across devices to a strawberry coming to life from a drawing, the Vines show different properties from Samsung products.

3. Target

These Vines are some of the most creative and eye-catching you will find among brands. Target also uses Vine to help followers beat summer boredom – just tap the Vine to stop the video on the activity you should do.

4. Lowes

Lowe’s campaign “Fix in Six” is one of the best campaigns that, not only fits the brand, but engages viewers by presenting useful ideas. They post quick tips on how to fix common household problems like stripped screws.

5. Oreo Cookie

Ever thought of making Oreo sprinkles? Then we have the Vine account for you! Oreo’s account offers mouth-watering tips on new, innovative ways to enjoy milk’s favorite cookie...and you’ll really want an Oreo after viewing them.

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