Pinterest Introducing a Q&A Feature

Kimberly Curry | @KimIsBlessed_93 Pinterest is a social media platform that relies on the visual discovery through pins rather than relying on one-on-one interactions between members, like Facebook or Twitter. Well…. that’s all about to change.

Pinterest is looking at releasing a feature similar to Facebook's 'ask' button. This new feature, known as "Questions," will allow pinners to ask questions about a pin and then have them answered by the original pinner. Since this feature is not available as of yet, it is not specified who is considered the “original pinner."

pin quest

“We’re always gathering feedback from Pinners to make Pins more useful. We are currently testing the ability to ask and answer questions in a more structured way on Pins,” said a Pinterest spokesperson in a TechCrunch article.

As a social media platform, Pinterest is trying to create ease for its members. By providing this Questions feature, members will no longer have to ask questions through the comment section. This also allows the original pinner to receive a notification to answer the question, which means the question has a greater chance of being answered.

This feature will be especially important for brands since it allows pinners to directly ask questions about specific products, to which brands can directly answer, thus creating a more personalized feel for the pinner and a stronger bond between business and consumer.

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