Guided Search: Pinterest’s New Mobile Update

Arielle Castro | @_ariellehope 

Let’s be honest. Most of us are guilty of filling up a good chunk of our free time pinning the latest fashion trends, workout tips, and of course, delectable dishes to try.  While exploring Pinterest is always a good time, it can be a bit tedious when you’re on the go and need a quick guide on what to wear to a business dinner.

Thankfully, the Pinterest wizards have done their magic and introduced, Guided Search. With over 750 million boards including 30 billion pins, Guided Search allows you to filter out the pins you want by selecting from an array of descriptive guides - all composed from the awesome ideas of your fellow Pinners! The downside? It’s only featured on mobile devices at the moment, but never fear it’ll be rolling out everywhere soon enough!



Intrigued? This video takes you step-by-step:


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