Pinterest for Men

Candice Venters | @CandiceVenters

When most people think of Pinterest, they think of artistic photography, beautiful fashion, beauty and fitness tips, crafts, and ideas for that wedding or baby shower coming up. This is a common assumption, and it’s not a wrong one. However, this is not all Pinterest has to offer. The categories also include cars, motorcycles, men’s fashion and sports. Why don’t we associate this with Pinterest? While it offers many things that would appeal to men, the overwhelming percentage of women to men on Pinterest makes the site one of the most gender specific social media platforms today. There are some great ways men can use Pinterest. What men don’t know is they can use it to their advantage—and refuse to give in to social media stereotyping.

They can get some relationship tips: Too many times men are left clueless on what to give their special someones as a gift. Or maybe they need some ideas for a date that will give them a chance at a second one. A common struggle for men is how to be creative and know what women want without having to ask. There is a place to creep on what your girl wants—Pinterest. Her board serves as a wish list where men can get an idea of what she’s into.

They can learn how to become better dressers: Pinterest offers a men’s fashion category. Why should men look here for ideas? Because this is where you find what women like men to look like.

They can learn a few new cooking tricks: Many men don’t know how to cook and Pinterest has many recipes and how to’s when it comes to cooking. Men can learn how to be more self-sufficient and cook for themselves or for others. If you’re a man and know how to cook, you automatically have an advantage.

When it comes down to it, Pinterest isn’t just for women after all. Men can use it without being considered girly. If you’re that man who still can’t and won’t be seen on Pinterest, there is a site for you, Manteresting has the same concept.


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