Twitter and Vine Hitting Theaters

Robyn Miga | @robynmiga We all love live-tweeting during our favorite television shows, whether it be the season finale of “The Bachelor,” or while watching your favorite sports teams. However, now Twitter and Vine are taking it a step further and are expected to hit the big screen as early as this summer.


Twitter signed a contract with in-theater National CineMedia (NCM) that will move the social media experience beyond your smartphones and computers into movie theaters.

"It's about building a connection with the movie-going experience," Steve Ochs, senior vice president of marketing at NCM Media Networks, told Adweek. "It's not going to be locked and loaded for necessarily every show. It depends a lot on the [brand]."

With this agreement, NCM-affiliated theaters will screen a new one-minute clip each week, featuring a mix of “trending movie and entertainment content powered by Twitter and Vine,” a Variety article said. The ads are set to hit 21,000 screens in 1,700 theaters this summer. The ads will be powered by Twitter Amplify, which is used by broadcast and cable networks including ESPN, BBC and Fox.

Some big names that are rumored to be a part of this summer’s newest ad trend are Microsoft, Best Buy and Taco Bell, Adweek reported.

This doesn’t mean theaters are encouraging live-tweeting during the movie, though. There will an appropriate time during the ads for moviegoers to interact via hashtag during ads before the movie starts.

While it’s no shock that social media will be taking on a slightly new form in movie theaters, those behind the new trend said it will help target millennials, which are said to be the majority of moviegoers.

So, for those of you who love getting their name on the big screen, this summer is your time to shine.

Now it’s time to silence your phone… the movie is starting.

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