Internship at SMD – The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Spend

By: Simona Parker Have you ever had a Catch-22 career situation and not known what to do about it? For instance, you just graduated college and are chomping at the bit to start your career, but discover that every prospective job requires experience? How are you supposed to get the experience and develop your skills if no one will hire you?

Or perhaps you’re like me…a seasoned but bored professional who wants to switch things up and get into the fast paced world of social media marketing…but also need to keep your current job while you train for your new life. Sound familiar?

Interning for SMD is the answer! Social Media Delivered is an established and well-respected social media marketing company located in Dallas and Austin, TX. Companies from across the globe look to SMD to help them develop and execute successful social media strategies and campaigns. As in intern, you will get hands-on, real-world experience in a wide variety of social media areas such as blogging, copy writing, proofreading, brainstorming projects, posting to social media channels, project management and more.

Now I know some of you will be saying to yourself, “sounds great, but I don’t live in Dallas," or “okay, but I already work 40-hours a week." Guess what? It doesn’t matter! The internship at SMD can be tailored to your needs. If you live near Dallas or Austin, you can come into our office locations. If you live anywhere else, you can intern virtually (that’s what I do). Most interns work at least 20 hours/week, but you can edit your hours as needed because they offer a flexible schedule.

Candidates should have familiarity with social media channels, basic computer skills, and be willing to complete 240 unpaid hours. Once completed satisfactorily, you will get a recommendation from SMD, and be eligible for a free Social Media Business Equation Certification (TSMBE), which is valued at $2,500. This certification is invaluable for those seeking a career in the social media field, and SMD prioritizes interns with the TSMBE when they hire.

Solving your personal career Catch-22 can be done easily by interning at SMD. Though the internship is unpaid, the experience, connections and recommendations you’ll receive will pay off in spades.

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