Gitika Bhatla | @Gitika_Bhatla With great power comes great responsibility. In the world of social media, this line holds true not only for its users, but also regulators. With increased use of technology globally, there has been a phenomenal rise in the use social media. But this raises a number of questions also. Social media is impulsive. The thin line between glorification and destruction of brands, organizations and individuals sometimes seems blurred with so much social media malice all around.

HootSuite, the leading social media platform for executing campaigns across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, all from one secure dashboard, has taken a step in the direction of protecting enterprises as they scale social media across their organization and are at risk for online security and compliance breaches. The aim is to ensure organizations use their social media strategies 'securely and compliantly'.

An enterprise with different departments and different social media accounts for all its departments is vulnerable to risk that comes with a growing presence on social media. Therefore, it is important to prepare your team to handle situations and events that could compromise your brand's reputation, while safely using social media to grow your business.

Known as 'Managed Security and Compliance Services', these services include Social Media Asset Audit, Situational Simulations, and Social Media Profile Monitoring. The services are designed to protect and empower brands across social media.

  • The Social Media Asset Audit tool is an audit tool which helps identify unauthorized, fraudulent profiles and remove them. It brings multiple social media accounts and mentions under a single platform, immediately identifying fake social media accounts and trolls.
  • The Situational Simulations service provides crisis training. A new product launch, negative publicity or some natural disaster might cause an unusually increased activity on your social media accounts,which could be difficult to handle, especially if it requires you to be active and alert all the time. HootSuite provides training to a response team on a response plan, which is nothing but a simulation of a 'situation' in a controlled social environment. On completion of the situational simulation, HootSuite provides a feedback in terms of areas of improvement and recommendations for individuals in the response team who may require additional training.
  • The Social Media Profile Monitoring services enables enterprises to ensure that the content on social media profiles match their compliance policies. If the content is not in tandem with the policies, it is automatically removed. When changes are made to a firm's profile accounts, custom notifications are provided and this alerts the firm in case of an account hijacking.

HootSuite's Managed Social Media Security and Compliance service gives enterprises peace of mind without worrying about the internal and external threats to their brand on social media. This also means one will have to pay extra bucks for this service. Till now, HootSuite focused on providing web-based, self service tools to its users, but with these security and compliance services, HootSuite makes a foray into managed services, after testing some of these services with their clients.

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