Facebook Streamlining the Look for Pages

Robyn Miga | @RobynMiga  This week Facebook will roll out a new look for Pages, with new features that are certain to benefit your social media marketing strategy. Among the several changes that are slated to roll out this week is a feature Facebook is calling "Pages to Watch." This feature will now allow you to create a list of Pages to compare your Facebook stats against. For instance, if your business is a hotel, you would create a list of other hotels in your area, as well as those you aspire to model your social media strategy after.

On the “Overview” tab of Page Insights administrators will be able to see key statistics about Pages they are watching. The “Posts” tab under Page Insights will also allow you to view the posts from your competitors throughout the past week to gauge which posts received the most interaction, Facebook noted.

In addition to the "Pages to Watch" feature that will debut this week, there will also be a streamlined look for Pages on desktop that will simplify how your followers find important information about your business, as well as allow them to see all of your Page’s posts. On the right-side column of your timeline it will display all of your Page’s posts. “This one-column display means that all of your posts will appear consistently on your Page and in News Feed,” according to Facebook News. While the left-side column will feature key information about your business, including a map, your hours of operation, phone number, web address, as well as photos and videos.

The final features that are to be added with this round of changes will allow administrators to view information about ads you’re running and new Likes that your pages are generating, as well as unread notifications and messages.

There will also be new navigation options at the top of your Page, which will make it easier to access your activity, insights and settings, Facebook said.

The changes that are rolling out this week for Facebook are ones that should help boost your social media marketing strategy. By being able to pay close attention to how well your ads are working, and through comparing your statistics against your competitors, Facebook is helping you step up your game with this round of changes.

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