SXSW - The Formula (2014)

Angelo Fernandez | @angelobfs

Every year SXSW gets bigger, changes are made, more people attend, but one thing remains: the formula.

Live Music:

SXSW 2014 Hope Gallery Band

Food Trailers:

SXSW 2014 Food Trailers

Booze: (There was a lot of FREE booze at SXSW so I think this one's better without an image.)

We could sit here and argue all day that there is so much more to SXSW than those four things. Of course SXSW is more than music, they have official interactive and film portions. But that's not the point.

How much time and effort do you think the organizers of SXSW put into the "other" categories? As an organization or business you have to be conscious of where the majority of your target audience is. Once you find a winning formula you can always make tweaks but don't overthink it.

Drunk driving suspect arrested; 2 dead and 23 injured at SWSX

Imgur: The Next Big Thing?