Instagram: The Rise of the Visual

D'Andrea Willis | @dandrea_willis insta

There’s no need for a list of statistics proving the growth of social media, we’re all considerably aware that social media is constantly growing, changing, and advancing. There are countless platforms of social media, and therefore, countless ways to increase a business’s social presence.

If you don’t think Instagram could be an opportunity for marketing, well, think again. The visual aspect of marketing/communication is the next big thing; actually it’s the big thing right now. Instagram IS the visual. Instagram does not have direct links to navigate consumers to your product or service and that is the strategic secret to why it will work. Consumers don’t want to feel like they’re being advertised to, pushing them to your business by shoving links in their faces simply isn't going to work anymore. Mastering the art of the visual is the key to capturing consumers, and Instagram is the perfect way to broadcast it.

No links? No problem!

With various resources such as "Keep," which allows bloggers to post items on the site while linking them to a certain store’s online page. Keep is influencer-based, therefore, it will also establish the credibility of your brand. People don’t want to hear you say that your brand is awesome; they want to hear someone else say it’s awesome. Having links to your store in your Instagram bio will serve as a subtle way to drive traffic to your online platforms.


While thinking of Instagram Direct, don’t get into the mentality that singling in on one consumer limits your audience. Instagram Direct allows sellers and buyers to contact each other instantly; this helps create engagement between the two (which as we know is very essential). Building a relationship with ONE consumer could be the birth of that influencer that expands your brand credibility.

Tell a Story

Isn’t it amazing how sitting in a circle with kids and pulling out a picture book can entice enjoyment? Think of Instagram as your company picture book. When Instagram was initially launched, it seemed like the only value was to post selfies with your fans. Remember, as brands we never want to simply shout out our message, product, or service. Listen, engage, and entertain instead. Feature your customers; implement shoutouts to your audience by creating story-based collages. This will not only expose your brand, it will expose your brand experience. The experience is truly what consumers want to see.

The power of the image and short. sweet. messages.


The perfect blend of visual, informational, and entertaining will lead to positive attention from the consumer. As stated earlier, Instagram IS the Visual. If words are absolutely necessary, there are ways to put them on Instagram in short Textgrams. Just like a good joke, consumers want a message to be short and sweet, so when putting words on an Instagram photo, less is more.

Some argue that with the expansion of social media and technological advance, society is becoming less personal. I beg to differ; it’s a chance to focus even more on keeping a personal touch to our interactions. A picture is worth way more than a thousand words, are you ready to get the crowd talking?

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