5 Brands With Trending Valentine's Day Hashtags

Mallory Scudder | @MalloryScudder

It's Valentine's Day!! The holiday brings in an average of $13.19 billion each year, according to StatisticBrain.com, which means that it is important for brands to bring attention to themselves in order to win over their audiences. This Valentine's Day it's ALL about the hashtags! In no particular order, here are 5 of the most popular trending V-day hashtags.

1. NECCO Sweethearts

NECCO's classic multi-colored hearts with words of love on them have been a staple Valentine’s Day candy since their creation in 1866. This year, NECCO has taken its classic candy and made it into a social media Valentine’s Day frenzy by creating the hashtag #TweetHearts. It’s a modern twist on a familiar brand, by tweeting your desired personalized message to .@tweethearts, you can preview your message on a candy heart and either tweet it to your Valentine or place an order for your customized candies. Being able to tweet your special someone a customized Valentine’s day heart is a pretty special feature that made the hashtag extremely popular. To help promote its social media campaign, NECCO created this video on Vimeo.


2. Heineken

This Valentine’s Day Heineken's campaign concentrates on its main target audience - men. By tweeting at @Heineken_US and using the hashtag #DateInABox, men have the chance to win a surprise pre-planned date night for their sweethearts. However, in order to get the code to open the box, men must share a picture of the box on Instagram along with the hashtag. This campaign mixes customer engagement with a social media scavenger hunt and contest! Talk about fun! In order to promote this campaign, Heineken made this awesome video that went viral almost immediately. Take a look.


What is love?

3. Cadbury Silks

Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates used a hashtag to grab the attention of its audience, which quickly turned into a trending topic on Twitter. The brand used the hashtag #FirstLoveIs to promote its newly launched premium edition of chocolates, Cadbury Silks. Cadbury asks its followers what ‘#FirstLoveIs’ to them and followers then tweeted back their answers. The best tweets are turned into personalized doodles. This kind of interaction is great because it engages followers to interact with them and even makes it personal by including the twitter handle on the doodle of the best tweets.

4. Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory took a much different approach to engaging its followers this Valentine’s Day. They started the hashtag #SliceOfJustice (a nice play on words) and asked followers to tweet them their lovers’ quarrels so that they can settle some relationship issues once and for all! The Cheesecake Factory calls itself the “Judge, Jury & Cheesecake” in this couples therapy social media campaign, which caused quite a reaction. The company received thousands of tweets and gave its verdict back to tweeters in three different ways. Needless to say it is quite a cute and creative way to engage with an audience on Valentine’s Day!

Cheese Slice

5. Evian

Evian’s Valentine’s Day social media campaign is interactive, visual and tells a story. Followers complete the sentence “I love you like…” by using the hashtag. In return, Evian tweets back with a Valentine’s message for you to share with your loved one.  Evian uses the hashtag #ILoveYouLike across multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Those who submit the best #ILoveYouLike sentence on its Facebook have the chance to win a special prize from Evian. By turning their social media campaign into a Facebook contest, more fans have an incentive to participate.



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