INFOGRAPHIC: Google second only to Facebook on social logins

If you are a regular internet user, chances are you've come across the option to sign in at a website using one of the many social media or email accounts most of us have amassed over time. Many internet users loathe the time it requires to fill out long registration forms from scratch, in which cases the ability to use an existing login comes as a welcome facilitation. Potential privacy concerns notwithstanding, the adoption of social login services is rising: according to Janrain, a provider of social login solutions, 90% of online consumers have encountered social login before and more than half have used such a service in the past. To the companies providing the identities for social logins, these services constitute an additional source of potentially valuable information. It comes as no surprise that Facebook is the most popular choice for social logins, given the services huge user base. According to Janrain, the social network powered 45 percent of social logins in the third quarter of 2013. However, Google is gradually closing the gap on Facebook. Google's share of social logins increased from 31% in Q4 2012 to 35% in the most recent quarter, while Facebook's share declined from 49% to 45%. Other companies, including Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and Microsoft, account for just 20% of social sign ins, illustrating the dominance of the big two in yet another segment.

Infographic: Google is Closing the Gap on Facebook in Social Logins | Statista
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Source: Statista 

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