Leveraging LinkedIn to Drive Results Quickly

Blake Jackson | @Blakestweet

LinkedIn is THE largest and most influential professional social media platform in existence. It is the ideal tool for reaching B2B prospects, recruiting top talent, finding a job, obtaining venture capital or forming strategic business partnerships. Yet, so few of the estimated 259 million members actually know how to harness its real power.

Facilitated by the official “LinkedIn Queen” and author of the best-selling book The Social Media Business Equation and Founder & CEO of Social Media Delivered, Eve Mayer will train you and your executives, sales professionals or HR professionals on how to start leveraging LinkedIn to quickly create new opportunities, dramatically boost productivity, recruit top talent and drive sales!

All attendees will walk away from the session with an optimized personal profile and full optimization of features including blog integration. HR executives will learn why LinkedIn is the best practice for recruiting passive candidates and how to screen potential candidates.

The Social Media Delivered LinkedIn class for companies is limited to a total of 10 students per session. A master consultant and one assistant will facilitate the 5-hour session which includes all of the items mentioned earlier. In addition, following the session, Social Media Delivered will also facilitate two LinkedIn Update Webinars over the 12 months following the session for your attendees.

Your team can learn how to maximize LinkedIn to drive resultswhatever your business goals may be. To find out more about these classes contact President Shannon Streater at Shannon@socialmediadelivered.com.s209167.gridserver.com or our Sales Director Rob Drachler at rob@socialmediadelivered.com.

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