21 Things to buy with 2013 leftover marketing budget

HubSpot provides a great list of 20 items you can use your leftover marketing budget on before the end of the year. However, we want to add one more: LinkedIn Profile Optimization for key executives or sales team members. This will be a great way to jumpstart your efforts in 2014 helping you to get noticed by the decision makers you are striving to which you are striving to connect. Reach out to us today and we can get started right away. Read more about our LinkedIn services here. Now, back to the list HubSpot has compiled. The great thing about the list is the range in price and ideas. It can be as simple as buying a Mac adaptor, because most projectors are not Mac friendly, to an Adobe Creative Cloud license. Visit HubSpot to read their full list of 20 items. You will find a creative way to use those last few dollars whether it is $50 or $500.

The Social Media Wins of 2013

Merry Christmas from Social Media Delivered