Jamie Nanquil's #givingtuesday message

by Blake Jackson | @Blakestweet

This is the time of year when we look to give to those who are less fortunate than us. Yesterday marked the beginning of the “giving season.” Social media is laying claim to the beginning of this season by creating the hashtag “Giving Tuesday” and “Unselfie."

The idea behind the movement is to celebrate how giving can create a positive influence in our world. It is really easy to do. All you have to do is on a clean piece of paper write out a cause or multiple causes  you are supporting with #givingtuesday or #unselfie. Next hold the piece of paper in front of your face and take the picture. Most of your face should be covered because this picture is not about you it is about the cause you are supporting. The final step is posting to all of your social media channels.

photo 2You can act on your unselfie by donating  money or volunteering at the organization. Sharing this picture on social media should inspire others to get into the giving mood this season. Last year there was a 50% increase in giving on #givingtuesday. It is a worthy cause and it will only take a few seconds of your time.



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