by Brett Scantlin | @bscantlin39 So you have a company page on LinkedIn. Your goal is to conduct a media campaign to attract your followers to an upcoming product release, seasonal event, or specialty service. You take the time to understand your target LinkedIn audience and select the appropriate marketing message. You post, then sit back and wait for those following your LinkedIn page to respond enthusiastically. That is great social media marketing, right?

What if you could get respectable content marketing (as opposed to display advertising) not only to your LinkedIn company page followers, but also to any target LinkedIn demographic outside of your followers?

What if you could select filters to target just about any demographic, review performance metrics immediately, and make adjustments in near-real time to follow trends?

What if you could set a specific daily budget or a campaign budget, and ensure you maintained maximum messaging visibility to the penny and no more?

Now you can with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. This is a high-quality, respectable messaging platform that allows you to increase target market visibility and deliver individually tailored messages within a set budget.

Campaigns may consist of articles, infographics, PDFs, presentations, videos or simple text messages. For example, Bislr, a San Francisco base marketing application provider, claims higher conversion rates at lower cost and high lead quality. Bislr's results - 3 times the click-to-conversion rate seen on other leading social channels; and lower cost per lead, without lowering lead quality. Payroll provider ADP saw Company Page impressions increase from 300/month to 1.3 million/month, and Non-employee followers of ADP LinkedIn Company Page are now 70 percent of audience.

Tailor Messages to Specific Segments

Significant is the ability to segment your audience. You can deliver your messages to all LinkedIn members, only members that follow your company or those who do not yet follow your company. While selecting filters listed below, you can see the size of the LinkedIn audience you are reaching:

  • Continent

  • Country

  • State

  • Metro area

  • Company name

  • Industry

  • Size

  • Specific job titles

  • Functions

  • Seniority level

  • School

  • Skills

  • Group membership

  • Gender

  • Age


Budgeting is straightforward; with open bidding for time and space for your Sponsored Updates campaign plan. Set your budget by either a daily amount or a total amount for your marketing campaign, and leave the campaign active indefinitely or until a specific date.

Choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). CPC is preferred for performance advertisers, as you pay only when a LinkedIn member in your target audience clicks on your content, company name, or company logo; and track number of clicks. CPM is preferred for brand recognition as you pay each time your update is shown and is appropriate for more mature companies.

With your Sponsored Updates appearing on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices to the specific target demographic you desire, your marketing is delivered in a respectable, professional venue and equal to the largest corporations in visibility and reach, even to those not following your company page. Your rotating campaign message gets displayed as often as your desire, allowing you to share space with the “big boys” like Adobe and Mercedes Benz.

Track Performance

Within minutes of beginning your campaign you will begin seeing performance metrics to understand and analyze what content is performing best with your target audience.

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