The 7 Crucial Twitter Changes

by Christina Harris |

Twitter has over 500 million active and registered users. So how does a social network of that size stay relevant and keep its number of users moving on a positive trend? Easy… with frequent and innovative changes, and updates that are relevant and consistent to the updates in other fields of technology.

Many tweeters look to Twitter for updates on the newest music, gossip, celeb/fashion trends, and even sports and weather updates. Now Twitter has a feature in which you can subscribe to tweets, so whenever one of your favorite people on Twitter sends out an alert, you will be notified by sms.

Keeping up with the other technological powerhouses, Twitter also decided to update itself along with iPhone updating to iOS7. Now for all iPhone users with iOS7, Twitter will have a cleaner, crisper, and more refreshed look. Another feature of this update is the Twitter radio station available on iTunes radio. This is a definite power play by Twitter and the creative team at Apple.

Twitter recently partnered up with NBCUniversal and Comcast to allow twitter users to tune into TV shows directly, which will have a great relation to the followers who tweet cohesively with other users when a new episode of their favorite TVshow comes on every week. Along with these major updates, Twitter also added these features:

  • @MagicRecs, a "Twitter experiment"-turned- recommendation-engine which will suggest users you should follow, and vise versa, based on mutual followers, retweets, and favorites
  • An update of Twitter that is optimized for Android Tablets 
  • Scheduled tweets for Twitter ad users in which you can program in advance both organic and promoted tweets to ensure that you are tweeting at a time of high twitter usage
  • Now anyone can DM you if you enable it in your settings, so people no longer have to be following you in order to DM you

For the frequent Twitter users who are always “plugged-in” to the latest and would like to stay current in the newest social media technology, these are some interesting changes already being used by technological powerhouses. Which of these updates are you most excited about?

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