by Angelo Fernandez | @angelobfs In this weekly post we recap the latest social media news, trends and headlines. Sometimes we’ll throw in a few viral videos because after all, it is Friday.

Preview of Ads Coming to Instagram - Instagram wanted to provide a few more details about exactly what ads on Instagram will look like. This is a one-time ad from the Instagram team that’s meant to give you a sense for the look and feel of the ads you will see.


Pinterest Now Valued at $3.8 Billion - Pinterest has completed another enormous funding, this time nabbing $225 million with late-stage investor Fidelity Investments in the lead.

The Tweeting Bra - OgilvyOne Athens designed a special high-tech bra that tweets each time it is unclasped as part of a new campaign for Nestle Fitness.


Police, Schools Tap Social Media to Track Behavior - If you share something publicly on social media, "you should expect the world to read it," said Andy Sellars, a staff attorney at the Digital Media Law Project.

5 Reasons Not to Ban Social Media in the Office - If your company bans you from using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media in the office, that policy is "brain dead", entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa said.


Shannon Streater to Join Social Media Delivered as President

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