Wooing Mobile Customers

Mariam Khan | @MariamTKhan These days, most consumers are attached to their mobile phones. A business must know how to create content that is easily accessible and readable, and respond to the mass of active mobile users accordingly. As each platform provides unique levels of engagement to bridge the gap between business and consumer, businesses must keep in mind the significance of mobility as messages are delivered across all platforms.

mobileappsMobile users are often checking their smartphones for navigatation or to locate businesses of interest in close proximity. A great way to attract mobile users is by adding a geolocation service like Foursquare to your Facebook business page. Many companies draw consumers in by offering timely specials or daily deals at key locations. What's more, businesses that create engaging campaigns with special promotions often keep consumers coming back.

Always keep in mind that customers have the potential to boost your brand and drive traffic to your site through their personal use of social media. Consumers may not be inspired to do so, however, unless there is an incentive. The average person is not encouraged to engage with a brand unless they see something valuable in it for themselves. Consider offering rewards, coupons or other bonuses to build customer loyalty and to encourage customers to help share the love of your brand with their friends and contacts.

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