Ten tips: How NOT to Blog (part 2)

Melanie O | @melanieobar In part one of this article, we explored five pitfalls to avoid when blogging. Here are 5 more.

6. Don’t Forget Images and Videos

Although you may be primarily focused on your words, it’s important to remember the importance of using images and videos. Shoot pictures of your latest products to post images when you blog about them.

Post a behind-the-scenes video that shows your employees in action. Put up demonstration videos that show customers how to use your

Introducing video on instagram

products or how your employees will perform various services. Instagram's recently added video function is useful for creating short, fun clips and sharing them.

7. Don’t Plagiarize

Don’t steal other people’s words. Just because you can easily copy and paste material from one document into another, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to plagiarize. It is perfectly acceptable to take inspiration from other posts, take quotes and reference them or summarize information.

8. Don’t Post Too Often or Too Infrequently

Set a schedule, using your editorial calendar as earlier mentioned. This will help keep you from posting  infrequently or irregularly. You may prefer to blog once per day, three times a week or some other schedule, but it’s important to stick to it to encourage people to come back regularly.

If you post sporadically, readers may lose interest. However, you also don’t want to post too much information too often, as this can be overwhelming to your busy Internet readers.

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9. Don’t Exclude Comments

In many cases, companies will find it invaluable to enable blog readers to offer comments. The mere act of enabling comments in your blog will show the world that you are willing to accept criticism and that you are open to communicating with customers.

Readers are also vital to you blog, their comments may prove helpful in terms of what you should post in the future and determining how engaging your post was.

10. Don’t Forget to Ask for Feedback

If you want feedback about your post, don't be worried about asking for it. At the end of each blog post, include a question addressed to your readers. Invite their opinions or feedback and this may well boost comments.

The more engaged your readers are, the more likely they will be to come back and continue reading your posts, which in turn can lead to increased sales for your organization.

Remember that it’s normal for you to be a little apprehensive about beginning a blog. However, with time and practice, you will soon become familiar with putting up new posts and interacting with your readers. You’ll be on your way to blogging with confidence and authority if you follow these pointers.

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