Top 20 Instagram Accounts for Food, Cars, Fashion, Travel and Politics

With over 30 million registered users and 1 billion plus photos uploaded on Instagram, you might be asking yourself, “Whom do I follow?” If you like food, cars, fashion, travel or politics, our Top 20 will give you a good start and a splash of inspiration for your own Instagram photos. Starbucks Do you go to Starbucks every morning? Follow them on Instagram for an inside scoop on new promotions, fun in store photos and of course coffee. @Starbucks



NASA “Houston, I think the Hudson filter is the best.” NASA posts satellite shots of Venus, the Moon and space ships! @NASAgoddard



Justin Bieber Are you a Belieber? Justin Bieber is the most followed person on Instagram, are you surprised? @JustinBieber



Cirque Du Soleil Acrobatics, music and dancing is what you get with Cirque Du Soleil. Their account gives followers a look backstage, events and special promotions. @CirqueDuSoleil



The Boston Celtics The 17 time NBA champions have over 196,000 followers. Their team posts game highlights and stats from games and has lively feedback between Celtics fans and opposing team fans. @Celtics



Adam Senatori A photographer who specializes in aerial, landscape and adventure photography. Check out his Instagram for some great shots of nature and architecture. @AdamSenatori



CNN iReport iReports allows followers to view and submit their own photos of news. Are you a fan of iReport on TV and the web, follow them on Instagram. @CNNiReport



Jamie Oliver Chef, health activist and father posts photos of food, his travels and family. @JamieOliver



Neiman Marcus With over 30,000 followers Neiman Marcus brings followers into their colorful offices and stores. Followers also get sneak peaks of clothing lines and events. @NeimanMarcus



Ryan Seacrest American Idol’s well known host posts photos of himself, guests on his radio show and everyday life. @RyanSeacrest



The Grammy’s Everything Grammy related is posted on this account. Follow for photos of past Grammy winners, Grammy news and special events. @TheGrammys



Burberry One of the world’s most recognizable print posts polished and refined black and white photos and beautiful views of London. They also post shots from runway shows. If you’re a fashionista, you will enjoy the account. @Burberry



Alicia Keys The pianist and singer shares photos of her working in the studio, life in New York City and her family. @AliciaKeys



Whole Foods Market Fresh food and produce from all over the world are featured in the natural and organics Austin based grocer's account. @WholeFoodsMarket



Barack Obama The President of The United States has had Instagram since Janurary 2012. His team posts photos of the president, campaign headquarters and campaign events he and the First Lady attend.  @BarackObama



Alice Gao In need of inspiration? Alice is a professional food and lifestyle photographer who posts her photos on Instagram and blog. @Alice_Gao



Jason Mraz The musician, social activist and avocado farmer posts photos of his journeys across the globe, inspirational quotes and occasional contests. If you like the idea of “light and love,” follow Jason. @Jason_Mraz



MTV Stills from interviews, red carpet events and shows are shared on MTV’s account. Check it out for your daily dose of pop culture. @MTV



June Ambrose June is a celebrity stylist, TV show host and mother. Follow her to see fashion season forecasts, celebrities and life as a busy mother. @JuneAmbrose



Instagram Instagram’s own account! Follow for weekly contests, news updates and accounts they like. @Instagram

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