Eve Mayer Distinguished as Top Social Media Influencer

Matt Shamely Our own Eve Mayer has once again been recognized as a top contender in the world of social media. The Social Apps HQ blog has ranked her among the Top 30 Women in Social Media all over the world! Each woman on the list has her speciality, and Eve is no different. Universally distinguished as an expert on LinkedIn, hence her handle @LinkedInQueen, Eve is gaining esteem for her skills as a speaker and author in all things social media. You can find copies of her publications at SMD books.

Congratulation to the other talented women who also made the list, notably the travel and leisure blogger Ann Tran (@AnnTran_), CEO and founder of SOBCon Liz Straus s(@LizStrauss), twitter guru Jessica Northey (@JessicaNorthey), and Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith (@MariSmith.)

Social Media News: August 16th

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