Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Inspire You

Brianne McNeeley | @BrianneMcNeeley

Instagram is an inspiring place when you follow the right people. Thanks to these Top 20 accounts, my feed has turned into a ridiculously cool and lively art gallery:

1. @fursty fursty

Dylan Furst is a beatmaker in the Pacific Northwest area of the US who uses Instagram to post breathtaking photos that are most often of architecture, but sometimes include landscapes and people.

2. @JunantoHerdiawan juanto

Junanto Herdiawan posts photos in which the subject appears to be levitating. It will make you happy and remind you of flying in your dreams.

3. @toryburch toryburch

Tory Burch (yes, the designer) includes a combination of fashion and adventure. Art, beauty, textures, travels, a taste of family life, some of her own collection, and behind the scenes of the runway can all be found here.

4. @jimmymarble jimmymarble

Jimmy Marble is a creative photographer, videographer, and designer. His style is self-proclaimed “soooooooo LA,” which is pretty accurate.

5. @williamandpolly williamandpolly

William and Polly are English Bulldogs that belong to Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior, a fashion blog. Their Instagram account is overflowing with personality as they document their daily life. Think of it as a classier and higher quality animal account to bring some sunshine to your feed.

6. @sgoralnick sgoralnick

Steph Goralnick is a designer, photographer, and traveler. What’s not to love?

7. @thuglifeforevs thuglifeforevs

Emily Blincoe tends to do things in series, which is not only fun but also makes it feel like you know the photographer a little better. Some of her best include #colorsorganizedneatly and #popofcolorseries. Her style is simple, but wonderfully artistic.

8. @khiesti khiesti

My heart jumped for joy when I first saw Kerstin Spielkkind’s work. Fun, simple line drawings combined with real-life objects are her specialty. You must look at her profile.

9. @jaredchambers jaredchambers

Jared Chambers is a Los Angeles photographer, but quite unlike the previously mentioned LA photographer. His style is more classic and not as “LA.” These are gorgeous landscapes that you would buy and hang on your wall.

10. @vsco vsco

The official account of Visual Supply Co, the makers of the popular VSCO Cam and Film & Keys apps. These photos must be seen.

11. @VSCOCamWeekly vscocamweekly

This is an account full of the best photos tagged #vscoweekly on Instagram. In other words, some of the best photos you’ll see on Instagram.

12. @charitywater charitywater

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. They use 100% of public donations to fund water projects. Inspiring pictures that allow us all to take a step back and appreciate something as simple and seemingly ubiquitous as water.

13. @petehalvorsen petehalvorsen

Pete Halvorsen lives in Manhattan Beach, California. He captures the oldest pier on the West Coast on a regular basis. There are plenty of beautiful landscape photos to view on his account as well.

14.  @darrylljones darrylljones

Darryll Jones takes pictures of various toys in clever places and ties them all together into a continuous story. What he communicates through these photos is... something else. He is one talented guy.

15. @astrodub astrodub

Angeliki Jackson of Queens, New York, finds “art in everyday life,” as she puts it in her bio.

 16. @karlthefog karlthefog

San Francisco's ubiquitous fog comes to life in this Instagram account. There’s lots of Karl to look at, as other Instagrammers can tag Karl in their own photos.

17. @muradosmann muradosmann

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer and creator of #followmeto, which began when his girlfriend became annoyed with him when he was taking pictures of everything, so she just pulled him along.

18. @dschwen dschwen

David Schwen is someone that artists and designers will appreciate. His creativity is undeniable, especially in his #pantonepairings, #pantstone, and #mappingfood series.

19. @vdubl vdubl

Vivien Wei Wei Liu, an architect in Hong Kong, captures incredible photos of architecture around the city.

20. @oprah oprah

I had to.

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