TSMBE Certification Program 2013 Recap

Clare Spaulding | @puyple This past week, the Hilton Anatole hosted The Social Media Business Equation Certification Program. The program is a four-day intensive based on Social Media For the CEO and The Social Media Business Equation, both by Eve Mayer. Eight companies were represented with hopes of improving their marketing strategy with social media.

Day 1 Introductions were exchanged over breakfast, and an outline of the material covered in the course was given. This first day of the certification course was dedicated to LinkedIn, presented by Eve. Rated on Forbes as the second most influential woman on LinkedIn and the self-proclaimed ‘LinkedIn Queen’, Eve is one of the top consultants on the site. She provided an in-depth analysis on how LinkedIn is a tool in both sales and marketing, and gave insight on how to leverage company and group pages for business. Each student was given specific advice about updating their own profile page and how to best use LinkedIn to achieve their career goals.

Day 2 The morning was devoted to filling out detailed critiques of each student’s company page. The critique evaluated the company’s website, social media pages, and their ability to cross-promote. Students were instructed to adjust these pages based on the critiques. A change of pace was introduced by guest speaker Carrie Layne, founder of Best Buzz, who educated us on the use of social media tools. Next, our very own Lauren Peek demonstrated strict monitoring of social media platforms and how to handle negative buzz online. The second day was polished off with guest speaker Mark Mosely, who discussed his social media toolbox.

Day 3 The third day showcased Social Media Delivered’s knowledge of social media platforms and the best way to leverage each. Hailing from Paris, Mary presented SMD’s blog and how we manage it. Ruth discussed marketing on Twitter, and how your brand image can constantly be reinforced in 140 characters. Jamie tackled the monster that is Facebook and was able to show how to create posts that would reach a larger audience. Angelo explained the benefits of blogs and YouTube explaining that although those platforms aren't for every company it didn't mean that every company wouldn't have something to say.

After lunch Ruth was able to discuss the trending Instagram and how companies could take hold of the platform and cross-promote with other social networks. Jamie discussed Google+ and the untapped riches that are waiting for proactive companies. SMD interns Mallory and Renee then gave their presentation on how Pinterest can be properly leveraged for business. And to wrap up the day Angelo gave all of the students an introduction to SEO and Google Adwords.

Day 4 The last day of the program was dedicated to giving personalized, hands-on training to the students for each company’s social media pages. Various tools were introduced such as Hootsuite, Yammer, Constant Contact, and Producteev. Staff assisted each student in setting up pages for each platform, and incorporated the unique needs of his or her company in creating a plan for their social media strategy. At the end of the class there was an interactive and verbal test for everyone to complete in front of the group. Luckily everyone passed and made their way up to SER for the cocktail party to celebrate with the team from Social Media Delivered.

Be on the watch for these companies online, as their social media presence is undoubtedly growing:

Ashley Crewse of OrbitasECR Lis Weiss of McKinely Marketing Teresa Love of Plano Childrens Theater Dawn Shiley of Association and Society Management International, Inc. Katherine Kirkpatrick of First Command Shadoe Settle of Sandy’s Clothing and Art

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