eTeleporter - The Future of Communication

Angelo Fernandez | @angelobfs Creators of this patented iPad accessory unveiled the prototype of eTeleporter on Kickstarter today. For more info visit

While people log more than one billion minutes per month on video chat, that figure still represents less than two percent of the total amount of voice minutes logged around the world every month.

So why isn’t video communication as ubiquitous as voice? Because current video chat technology leaves users feeling awkward, uncomfortable and ineffective. It’s like being lost in translation. They say the eTeleporter is the most natural and effective way to communicate using video chat.


Research shows that only 7 percent of a message is conveyed through someone’s words, while 55 percent is communicated through facial expression and 38 percent through vocal intonation. The eTeleporter’s patented optical lens system automatically ensures eye contact between users, which is essential to effective visual communication.

In addition, the eTeleporter’s sleek console creates a high-fidelity audio funnel that exponentially extends the iPad microphone’s range forward and out to better capture a person’s voice, improve its clarity and makes it so that users can hear each other more clearly.


Finally, the eTeleporter protects the tablet’s surface from distracting glare and light pollution, thus enhancing the image users see on the screen. This built-in light filter means that video chat participants simply look better.

To make a pledge, learn more and reserve a limited edition eTeleporter visit their Kickstarter page. For more info visit

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