Top 20 Twitter Users To Wake Up To

Lauren Williamson | @LaurenEW90 Mornings can be a rough. When your bed is so nice and cozy, it's tempting just to hit the snooze button for the third (or fourth, or fifth) time and let your future self deal with the time-crunch. We feel you, but we're here to help and make mornings slightly more bearable. This list has 20 of the funniest, most inspirational and most get-your-butt-outta-bed tweets perfect for reading when your alarm has gone off but you're not quite ready for your feet to hit the floor.

hope on twitter Gives Me Hope- @GivesMeHope FML for optimists! It's Chicken Soup For the Soul - Twitter-style. For more, follow: @LoveGivesMeHope and @KidsGiveMeHope. Reading through these encouraging stories gives me hope that there are some genuinely awesome people out there in the world.
 inspiration on twitter Tiny Buddha- @TinyBuddha Simple wisdom for complex lives. Quotes, tips & stories to help us help ourselves and each other. TINY BUDDHA™ BOOK by Lori Deschene: Tiny Buddha’s tweets may seem pretty basic at first, but sometimes all it takes is something simple to set the tone for a good day.
 Celebrity inspirational tweep Rev Run Wisdom- @RevRunWisdom Words of wisdom non-stop.. Pls don't be offended if I don't reply or follow u, But I Love you! This hip-hop icon slash minister doesn't waste words when it comes to his advice. His direct, encouraging tweets get you ready for weathering the day.
 College Humor twitter College Humor- @CollegeHumor The Official Twitter of CollegeHumor. Even if college wasn't your things, these tweets and videos are still entertaining…even after class ends.
 inspiration on twitter Positively Positive- @PosPositive Inspiration-driven content. Top bloggers. Articles to bring you into the best life. All in one place. SIGN UP for our daily email at Positively Positive is just that, super optimism. (Who would have thought?) It’s almost impossible to see the glass half-empty after reading through some of these tweets.
 funny celebrity twitter Ellen Degeneres- @TheEllenShow Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. It seems like everyone loves Ellen, and with good reason. Her tweets are hilarious and will definitely have you leaning towards the retweet button.
 cute funny tweets Emergency Cute Stuff- @EmergencyPuppy For those moments when you really need to look at a puppy (or something else that's cute). Send your cute pics to 911? I’d like to report too much cuteness. Not just puppies, its kittens, bear cubs and anything else that can be photographed in baby form.
 Funny celebrity twitter Rainn Wilson- @RainnWilson I am an actor and a writer and I co-created @SoulPancake and my son, Walter. Rainn Wilson’s off-beat humor has earned the former Office star over three and a half million followers. If you’re not reading Rainn in the morning, you’re definitely missing out.
 Funny tweeps I Do That Too- @IDoThat2 Retweet us if you do that too! Tweeting by @GabySpartz. Suggest a Tweet! Go to Okay, good, I’m not crazy. Other people also hit things to make them work and make weird noises in front of an electric fan. Let the day begin.
 Trivia twitter OMG Facts- @OMGFacts The #1 Fact Site. For more facts, follow:  @OMGFactsSex @OMGFactsCelebs @OMGFactsAnimals @OMGFactsSports @OMGFactsTech Maybe it’s because it’s a good conversation started or that it’s just easier to get up when you have something cool to tell someone. Either way, once you start reading these fun facts and trivia, it can be hard to stop.
 Funny celebrity tweets Stephen Colbert- @StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert’s 140 characters will tide you over until you can get to Comedy Central again.
 Funny twitter videos Funny or Die- @FunnyOrDie We make funny videos with famous people. Will Ferrell is our boss. We like to laugh and watch kittens do adorable people things. I think the “die” part comes from when you drop your phone on your face from laughing too hard while watching these videos still in bed.
 Food recipe twitter KitchenDaily- @KitchenDaily The next seven days in your kitchen, one day at a time. I don’t know about you, but sleeping makes me hungry. Reading these tweets either gives me ideas for new recipes to try or just makes me get out of bed faster because I’m hungrier now.
 Funny celebrity tweets Olivia Wilde- @OliviaWilde World champion parallel parker. I didn't know what to expect when Olivia Wilde’s twitter was first recommended to me, but she is one of the wittiest users I follow now and I look forward to reading her updates.
 Cute funny kids Preschool Gems- @PreschoolGems Love. Death. Magic. The Preschool Gems book, by Leslie McCollom is out now from Perigee/Penguin Books! Order your copy today! Kids say the darnedest things right? These tweets go especially well when you’re still in that half-asleep-half-awake stage.
 Funny tweeps Jason Miller- @longwall26 Who is Jason Miller? He’s like that cool internet friend you have that’s super funny and you wish you knew in real life.
 Useful advice twitter Advice Mallard- @AdviceMallards Quack This meme turned twitter account actually has really good advice. Seriously, store these in your brain for future use.
 Inspiration twitter William Paisley- @YourPocketGuru Dedicated to help you achieve the positive changes we all desire most. Remembering to remind yourself often of what inspires you now is key.  #YouMatter Like a regular guru, but always available for a daily dose of encouragement.
 Interesting facts twitter Mental Floss- @mental_floss Amazing facts from the good people at mental_floss magazine.@EnglishJason is in charge of typing. It ain't just for teeth. But really, Mental Floss has even more quirky facts and trivia. How else would we know when it’s World Sauntering Day?
 Funny twitter interesting BuzzFeed- @BuzzFeedWorth Sharing. (Tweets by @michaelhayes & @samir) If you’re still not ready to get out of bed, head over to BuzzFeed and that will provide hours of amusement. But then again, maybe today will end up being one of those days in bed after all…

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