Social Media News: June 28th

Sarah Herbert | @herbyfulyloaded   In this weekly blog post we recap the latest social media news, trends and headlines. Sometimes we’ll throw in a few viral videos because after all, it is Friday.

YouTube Working To Eliminate Video Buffering By July 4th- YouTube is working on several solutions to get rid of the lag time for loading videos. They are experimenting with different techniques such as parallel processing, and hope to have  this taken care of by July 4th.

Twitter Experimenting With "DVR mode"- Twitter knows people track live events and get "happening now" news via this platform. Currently, Twitter is experimenting with services that would allow people to get that live experience without having to be live.

DVR feature soon on Twitter

Facebook Users Demand Apology After Privacy Dust-Up- More paranoid Facebook users are demanding an apology after the site announced that 6 million users' email addresses or phone numbers were leaked due to a bug.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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