Summer TV Show Hashtags To Look Out For

 Mallory Scudder | @MalloryScudder Summer is here, and with it comes the summer television show lineup.  With so many shows how do you know what to watch? Hashtags have become such a popular tool in marketing and promoting TV shows that you don’t even have to check the ratings to see what is popular. The more a hashtag is trending, the more popular the show, and THAT’S how you know what to watch. So what’s trending for this summer? Let’s take a look.

The popular ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars just started its new season. Whether you watch the show or not, there is no denying that it has become the most powerful hashtag in the history of cable TV shows.  Last summer’s season finale boasted over 1.9 million hashtag tweets in just one day.  When the finale was on air  it received a whopping 36,000 tweets per minute.  Why is this particular TV show shattering records? Well, the show’s demographic has a lot to do with it. After all, who tweets more than teenagers?   This summer’s new season of Pretty Little Liars premiered on June 10th and its hashtag #PrettyLittleLiars amounted for 52 percent of all Twitter activity for the day.

tv hashtag pretty little liars

For all of the Truebie’s out there, you're probably already familiar with True Blood's incredibly popular hashtags.  True Blood premiered on June 16th and it has had, well, dare I say, a spectacularly raunchy reputation.  In the past the show has used hashtags such as #WaitingSucks and #tbwithdrawal to build anticipation for its season premieres, and because of this True Blood is a trending topic on Twitter even when it is not on the air! Last season True Blood ranked #1 on Twitter for all-time most comments for a premium cable season premiere as well as #2 all-time most comments for a cable drama season premieres, all thanks to hashtags. This year's hashtags are  #TrueBlood and  #TrueBloodS6, so tweet away Truebie's!

true blood season 6

No one knows how to engage an audience like Jimmy Fallon, and I don’t just mean the live audience at his shows. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has been a huge hit on Twitter and has been one of the top trending TV shows for weeks. Each week, Jimmy releases a new “Late Night Hashtag” as one of his comedic bits, later he reads the funniest responses on his show.  Some of his most popular hashtags have been #AwkwardDate, #MomQuotes, and  #MySuperPower.



Needless to say Jimmy’s hilarious hashtags are something to look out for this summer. What do you think? Will you be responding to some of Jimmy’s hashtags for a chance to see your tweet on TV?

It doesn't matter if you’re a teen, a Truebie, or just love good comedy, there are plenty of trending TV hashtags out there for everyone to enjoy. What TV shows will you be hashtagging this summer?

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