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Sarah Herbert | @herbyfulyloaded These days, laughs don’t come cheap. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and well-planned ideas for a company to be considered funny or entertaining on social media. Want to learn from the best? I’ve come up with (in no particular order) my top 20 most entertaining brands on YouTube. Enjoy.

Coca-Cola on Youtube Coca-Cola Coca-Cola never fails to entertain its YouTube viewers. The key elements of Coke’s success include their “feel-good” videos, their emphasis on human connection, and their ability to make people genuinely happy. One of my favorites is the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine video.
Ford on Youtube Ford Ford does a great job of entertaining its viewers through customer testimony and by reaching out to those who are listening, allowing them to make connections with others. For example, the Ford Fiesta Movement encouraged select individuals to share own their experiences with the rest of the world.
 AXE on Youtube Axe Axe’s entertainment on YouTube stems from their solid understanding of their customers, their consistent communication with the target audience, and their ability to bring their brand to life. Let’s be real, what young man doesn’t find barely-dressed, seductive women shot-putting through glass windows entertaining?
 Pepsi on Youtube Pepsi Pepsi’s marketing campaigns are all about entertainment. Their success can be attributed to the use of lively, upbeat ads, user-generated content, and the building of a solid relationship between customers and the brand. My personal favorite is “Kick In The Mix”.
Kia on Youtube Kia Okay, if dancing hamsters aren’t entertaining to you, then I think we have a bigger problem. Kia’s novelty, creativity, unexpectedness, and brand consistency have lead to their well-deserved success on YouTube. Tell me you’re not dancing by the end of this.
 Gillette on Youtube Gillette Gillette also does an excellent job of entertaining its viewers on YouTube. By empowering and engaging their customers along with using the aspect of surprise in their videos, it’s no wonder Gillette made the cut (Get it?).
 Rovio on Youtube Rovio If you’ve ever played Angry Birds, you’ve experienced the entertainment of Rovio. Their Youtube channel provides Angry Bird players with game updates, tips, and tricks to success. Rovio provides a clear example of consumer involvement through their channel, and their video success is linked to their ability to evoke human emotions and relate to their customers.
 Adidas on Youtube Adidas Adidas entertaining success on Youtube comes not only from their ability to empower, understand, and connect with their customers, but also their ability to create a youthful, energetic, and, well, entertaining tone in their marketing. Personally, I felt like I could accomplish just about anything after watching this.
Doritos on Youtube Doritos In my opinion, Doritos does entertainment incredibly well. Their unexpected, empowering, “must-see” ads in combination with a developed understanding of their target audience creates a clear path for success on Youtube and in general. Doritos “Jacked” commercial is one of my favorites. Monster trucks and fireworks within thirty seconds? Absolutely.
Microsoft on Youtube Microsoft Part of Microsoft’s success comes from their use of multiple Youtube channels, and their ability to integrate traditional advertising with digital advertising. But, that’s not all. As in the video below, Microsoft cleverly and directly compares their products with competitors’ products in a playful, entertaining way.
T Mobile T-Mobile By engaging their viewers, creating “feel-good,” emotional videos, and spreading a positive brand image, T-Mobile hits entertainment on the head. T-Mobile has also done an excellent job facilitating human connections and relationships, such as in this video. Talk about unexpected...
 Apple on Youtube Apple Every time a new Apple product is announced, there’s an instant desire to see the video, and a resulting social media buzz for the company. But this buzz isn’t solely due to the product itself. Apple reaches out and relates to their customers through these videos, fostering an ever-growing relationship through online connections.
 Volkswagen on Youtube Volkswagen Volkswagen’s ability to spread a positive brand image through connections with their customers and the use of entertaining, playful videos have led to their success on Youtube. Well done, Volkswagen, well done.
 DC Shoes on Youtube DC Shoes In the past couple of years, the online success of DC shoes’ gymkhana videos have skyrocketed. DC Shoes truly understands their target audience, and uses this knowledge to continually create thrilling, entertaining, and “must-see” videos.
 Evian on Youtube Evian What do dancing babies have to do with bottled water? Nothing, but you can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that dancing babies aren’t entertaining. Evian’s success on Youtube stems from their lighthearted, creative, and playful videos. See for yourself.
Blendtec on Youtube Blendtec The entertaining and popular “Will It Blend” video series has helped tremendously boost Blendtec’s success on Youtube. Their unexpected, funny, “must-see” videos will leave you laughing with Blendtec all day. Just don’t try this one at home.
Samsung on Youtube Samsung Emphasizing consumer engagement, testimony, and a friendly yet competitive tone has resulted in huge online success for Samsung. Using real interactions between customers and their competitor’s customers creates a relatable, personal, and trustworthy tone in Samsung’s videos.
Nike on Youtube Nike Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign is emotional, empowering, and focuses on human connection and perseverance to succeed in online entertainment. Watch this and tell me you can’t be great, too.
 Google on Youtube Google Google’s entertaining success on Youtube can be attributed to smart storytelling, real customer testimony, and fostering personal connections with people across the globe. For example, the “Dear Sophie” ad is a personal, emotional story that is focused around consumer engagement and “feel-good” entertainment.
 Old Spice on Youtube P&G/Old Spice Not too much convincing is needed here. P&G’s Old Spice commercials win the entertainment award. They’re catchy, full of surprises, funny, playful, and well, entertaining. Each one is a “must-see,” and will leave you wanting your man to wear Old Spice, too.

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