Facebook Sponsored Stories

Lauren Peek | @treblemaker45 Ever since the announcement about the new Facebook Timeline, users have been talking about sponsored stories and what other new features will allow them to share their lives and interests with their friends and family online.

The new Timeline allows users keep track of the things they want to read, watch, or listen to, in addition to the things that they already have read, watched, or listened to. Users can fill out this new information in their About page. The new Timeline makes adding to your lists easy, whether from your phone or your computer.

On April 22, it was announced these “watched” and “want to watch” buttons had come to Facebook’s sponsored stories. However, it was only temporarily and  in the form of a bug. Companies that ran sponsored stories on Facebook found, just for a little while, that users were able to click the plus sign next to the sponsored story and select “watch” or “want to watch”.

watch and want to watch on facebook

However, these types of ads will no longer have the option for this type of interaction. InsideFacebook, one of the spreaders of this news originally, corrected their article on the issue. They placed “Updated” at the beginning of the corrected headline and a small paragraph at the beginning of the story about the correction. Even though it has been a week since the correction was made, not everyone has fixed their online postings about it.

So be aware. “Watched” and “want to watch” buttons did come to sponsored stories on Facebook. But only temporarily because of a bug.

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