Earth Day 2013: How to show support through social media

Taylor Wilson@_twils

Today the global community comes together to take part in the annual Earth Day movement to raise awareness about protecting the planet we live on. Leading up to the celebration, businesses and organizations have been using social media to get involved in this environmental event and support the initiative.

It’s not too late for your organization to celebrate!  This year’s Earth Day Theme is The Face of Climate Change.

To show your support on Twitter, use the hashtags:




    earth day social media

earth day facebook

Sustainable Earth Day

earth day employees


earth day infographic


Footpath Earth Day


epa earth day


You can use sites like Unify and A Billion Acts of Green to find Earth Day events around you and post about your experience. Most importantly, remember that Earth Day might just be one day but your business can be green and environmentally conscious all year-round.

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