Social Media and Humanity: Boston Tragedy

Brandie Broihier | @BrandieNic From the Editor:

There is beauty in sadness.

The tragic events at the Boston Marathon on Monday have struck a chord within us all, and as we struggle to understand how and WHY this happened, a message of hope has spread across social media channels.

Quickly spreading across Facebook, images like the one below of Mr. Rogers have begun to bring some comfort to an aching society.

mr rogers helpers

 And then something amazing happened: Boston residents began offering shelter, food, transportation and more to displaced runners, volunteers, and others affected by the bombing. Using Google Drive, (formerly Google Docs) this viral message of humanity began.

Two double beds available in a single family house in Medford.

I don't live in the city - but can come get anyone who needs a place to stay.

boston marathon google docs

Working in social media, these acts of kindness should not surprise me because they truly happen everyday - but I am still amazed and inspired by the true goodness in so many people. This purity of soul has always existed, and social media is currently one of the best ways for a community to band together in times of distress.

Neighbors helping strangers. I hope we all take Mr. Rogers advice and remember to look for the helpers.

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