Changes to Google+ Graphics

Bree Ray | @TheBreeJordan

Google+ recently made changes to their header graphics and is slowly expanding its wings in the business world with an improved layout designed to be more appealing to the customer's eye. This time on the update list: a bigger, more personalized cover photo, a circular profile image and more space to put everything.

The original Google+ cover photo was approximately 180 pixels in height. The new one is a whopping 2120 x 1192 pixels. The new cover photo is also more customizable, helping you appear more approachable to members of your G+ community. Here are a few examples of updated cover photos:

Google+ header pixel size


Google+ coca-cola

The profile picture has also changed, now a circle instead of a square. This round profile picture cleverly reinforces the Google+ circles concept. Worried about your square-shaped logo fitting into the new circle profile format? Don't. The logo is still visible, but may just appear smaller.

With the larger cover photo, your business can better display images on a larger scale. Mashable and Amex are both great examples of this:

Mashable on Google+

Google+ AMEX

Furthermore, the layout of your Google+ page is different.  Said to be a “marketer's dream,” the page flows better, making it is easier for customers visiting your page to find information about you.

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