Takes: The Breakout App from SXSW

Takes takes social event sharing to a new level. Takes is an iOS app, which made its debut at SXSW, and puts an innovative spin on social sharing by serving as a multi-purpose platform that combines photo/video/music and event sharing into one nifty little package. If you were ever stuck between the choice of shooting stills or shooting video, Takes makes it so you never have to make that choice again. By revolutionizing methods of event sharing, Takes allows businesses and consumers alike to share visually captivating and interactive videos. Takes, Iphone App, Social Media, Social Sharing

Takes works by allowing the shooter to capture up to 15 images with a simple camera option, just like the regular iPhone camera. The pictures are then stored in the camera roll. Once your pictures are stored in the roll, the user can select the “Create a Take” option and create a seamless video from the images selected. As if that’s not enough, Takes also allows for the user to select from an assortment of musical tracks to add to the video to better express the essence of the event.

So how does Takes create a continuous video from your images without coming off as a cheesy slideshow? The app basically begins to capture a “Pre-Video” before you shoot the image in order to capture the appropriate footage and produce a smoother transition from image to video. Takes also captures extra footage after the image is shot for the same purpose. The app then selects the best footage and laces all of the images together to create the perfect video to capture your event. You won’t get jittery or off-focus videos, explains Amit Man, creator of Takes. The smart software automatically cuts it out.


What does this mean for social media sharing? The answer is basically, everything. Takes is reinventing the concept of sharing photos, videos, and music by taking components from the most popular mini-blogging apps and tackling an essential new market for social media. Picture this: Instagram, Tumblr, and Spotify blended together into a mixture of innovative social media, essentially Takes is bringing together the best of these three worlds.

It’s not a secret, that visual stimulation plays a major role in today’s user acquisition and retention strategies for B2B, B2C, and even C2C.  Therefore, Takes is raising the bar on visual event sharing. Not only can you share an image and caption to appropriately express your brand’s mission, voice, or corporate style, but also you can share a captioned video with a music track and provide a substantially more interactive and personal depiction of your brand.

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