LinkedIn Is A Must

Jeffrey Young | @jeffrey_young09 LinkedIn is an important tool for companies and individuals and serves as your "online resume."  LinkedIn is a professional network that gives you an excellent return on the time you spend building your profile and network.  You can develop valuable business relationships there and keep in constant contact with everyone you have ever worked with or for.  You can even fill out resumes there.  It's the go-to site for branding yourself and your business.

It's important to involve yourself in LinkedIn to get the most out of your network and to grow your network as well.  One of the best way to involve yourself in your online network is to join groups.  By using groups, you get your name out there to people who wouldn't normally know you and helps you grow your network, which is what LinkedIn is all about.  I've got some exciting news for you in the video above and one last reason why you should join LinkedIn if you haven't already.


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