Check In to a New Year: Foursquare for Business

Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer Check in to check out the latest Foursquare has brought its users in 2013. The app has unveiled some fresh features to ring in the new year, with promise of more changes on the way. The most important of these new features for businesses, however, is the ability to see even more of their recent customers.

This simple update to the system will prove to be a tremendous aid to all businesses who use Foursquare. Previously, businesses were only able to see their customer check-ins from the past three hours. This is fine and dandy, but what happens when said business gets busy? Many companies aren’t able (or remember, for that matter) to check their Foursquare activity until the end of the day. This leaves a wide area for unaccounted for consumers.

Now? Problem solved. Businesses will be allowed to view even more of their recent check-ins, not limited by this confining three hour time frame.

Because professionals can view a broader scope of their true demographic, they can tailor their promotions, sales, and any other efforts toward the people they know will be interested. They can offer customers more of a personal experience, and thus generate positive feedback (and revenue) for their businesses.

foursquare changes for business

So how can you use this change to boost your business? Take these steps to maximize Foursquare for your business:

1. Look for a common thread in your customer check-ins. Do they all happen on certain days? Times? Are they mostly women? Analyze your information carefully. You can see more customers now; don’t waste the opportunity to peer into what makes your company tick.

2. Devise a plan that plays up this factor (or factors). Have a special designed to bring in customers on your slowest days. Have bring-a-friend perks on your busiest. It’s simple to create a game plan when you know the game.

3. Reap and repeat. It’s time to reap the benefits of your brilliant new strategy. Don’t get lazy, however. Check your customer activity frequently. Try keeping a log in order to more clearly see trends. Keep what works, change what doesn’t. The check-ins never lie.

What are some other changes you’d like to see in Foursquare in 2013? What do you expect they will change or update? Share your thoughts.

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