LinkedIn App Updates Top Off Number of 2012 Improvements

Matthew Leach | @MatthewLeach13 2012 has been an exciting year for all those at LinkedIn. It's stock continues to rise more and more, in addition to its already competitive edge in a cluttered social media industry.

But finances aside, LinkedIn’s greatest changes have come with various new user-friendly features on both its website and apps.

linkedin 2012 changes

Major 2012 Changes

  1. In July, LinkedIn presented us all with a new, clutter-free homepage with a focus on network and contacts updates that matter to you most.
  2. The opportunity to be endorsed and endorse others for their skills and experience listed on their LinkedIn profiles.
  3. In April, LinkedIn introduced its iPad app with the Calendar Widget feature, allowing you to plan your iPad calendar in collaboration with your planned LinkedIn meetings.
  4. The ability to follow the world’s most successful and influential people without having been accepted as a connection via the LinkedIn Today News aggregator service.

On top of all of these changes, LinkedIn flexes its numbers at 187 million registered users and 109 million unique visitors per month, with an ever-increasing mobile presence.

ipad linkedin

As if these changes weren’t enough, as of December 11, LinkedIn will be streamlining their app offerings to further improve and simplify the LinkedIn feel and process. This means apps like Wordpress, LinkedIn Events, or Reading List by Amazon will no longer be supported on the LinkedIn homepage or profile.

LinkedIn’s Senior VP, Deep Nishar, states that these changes are just the tip of the iceberg compared to LinkedIn’s plans for future expansion and renovations.

“This year we took a very concentrated approach for our homepage and our profile pages. You're going to start seeing that in some of our other properties. In terms of growth, we will continue launching in different geographies, in different languages, and on different channels so mobile will continue to experience the positive success it's had,” said Nishar.

Although there is much to be determined, we do know this much: unlike many social media outlets that have come and gone, LinkedIn is ever expanding and is here to stay.

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