10 Best Social Media Blogs

Arielle | @_ArielleHope The obsession with social media is everywhere, literally. Take a look at the next you see using their phone, is their Facebook app open? How many social media apps take up their home screen? Are they tweeting about the strange person checking out what they are doing on their phone?

Everywhere we go we experience in some way the surge that social media has emerged us in. In 2012, we saw the release of some amazing technological devices, the growth of various social media sites –Pinterest grew over 1,000 percent in twelve months- and the established notion that in 2013 the internet and all of its resources are a key ingredient in extending marketing efforts and shaping a company’s reputation with its consumers.

With all of the buzz surrounding where to look or who to follow the social media world can be quite overwhelming.  Depending on your personal tastes or standards it can be hard to decide who exactly is credible enough to take social media advice from.

Well, let’s start with how you or your business uses social media. Do you use it for marketing efforts, like building brand awareness? If so, you might want to keep up with these blogs: Social Mouth, Hubze, MarketingTech Blog, or Likeable Media.

Each of these blogs keeps their readers up-to-date on the latest social media trends while advising on ways to use these trends to increase your marketing strategies.

Do you feel your company is lost in a virtual sea of similar businesses? Using SEO to optimize your website and increase your search engine familiarity can be intimidating and tricky if you don’t know how to use the right tools. But don’t worry, these blogs offer perceptive advice and tips on how to properly use SEO while building an online community: Jeff Bullas Blog, and The Sales Lion.

Maybe you just aren’t sure what the difference between tweeting and liking are? Or could it be that you don’t understand how pinning can help your business’ marketing? Well, if your new to the social media world and have decided to give it a whirl, these blogs take even the most complex social media tips and tactics and makes them simple for everyone to understand: Heidi Cohen Blog, and Pushing Social.

Still not convinced social media can actually be vital for your company? Well if you’re a facts and figures kind of person these blogs provide case studies and examples of just how social media is a great asset for any business: ViralBlog, and SplashMedia.

Don’t let the ever-changing online world keep you from building your brand. Take a breath, read these blogs, and gain perspective on how to go about using this crazed internet obsession to your advantage.

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