How Businesses Can Use Hashtags Better

Kevin Luong Twitter has become a social phenomenon, there's no doubt about that. From your regular Joe Schmoe to companies like Coca-Cola or McDonald's and everybody in between, followers are a MUST. How is that accomplished? Funny Pet Videos? Jokes? The latest cover to "Call Me Maybe"? The answer to this question is simple, HASHTAGS!

twitter hashtags

For people new to the Twitter-sphere, let me explain. Hashtags are keywords or catchy phrases that people use to relate to what their tweet is about. For example, if I were McDonald's and to promote the McRib sandwich I would tweet:

"The McRib is back! Come in and try one now before time runs out! #tasty #I'mLovingIt"

and the words tasty and the phrase I'mLovingIt would be the hashtags in this tweet.

So, how can hashtags benefit your business? Hashtags can help better define what your business is about with words. It will help your followers to how to better associate your business with your word selection. With keywords and phrases about what your business is trying to accomplish with the tweet results in more retweets and allow for your business to thrive even more and allow for interactions.

On the other hand, hashtags can also have adverse effects. Words or Phrases that totally are the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish. For example, for the same tweet about the McRib, if the hashtag was #unhealthy or #gross then that would be adverse for Mcdonald's because who would want to eat something that was deemed gross or unhealthy. In the end, it's all about word selection, so pick and choose your words carefully.

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