Overcoming Ad-versity

Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer The social media climate is changing. Advertisements in mobile applications are growing at a rapid rate, and for good reason. These ads get incredible face time with potential customers right on their tablets and smartphones. Companies wishing to take advantage of this incredible reach should do so with caution, however. People don’t enjoy having their feed clogged with ads like a magazine. They go on their social media to, you guessed it, be social, not to be subjected to a constant sales pitch. That’s not to say you can’t effectively market your products and services within this realm, you just have to be mindful of your audience and their interests.

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Because people now carry their social media with them 24/7, that means you as a company are also with them 24/7 thanks to the opportunities presented in mobile ads. There is no doubt that placing an ad on social media is a good investment; countless people will see your company right on their devices. Make sure you put on a pretty face for them.

Use compelling visuals

People love to look at pictures. If you’re going to place an ad in their feed, make sure it catches their eye. Choose photos or design that is bold and not too busy. You don’t want potential consumers to skim over your costly ad campaign; you want them to stop and pay attention. Give them a reason to do so.

Be choosy

Don’t use an ad for every single new product, service or promotion your company offers. It will get old incredibly fast. Instead, narrow your scope and create really solid, attractive advertisements. Don’t let your audience become jaded to your marketing efforts. Taking your time to be selective with your promotional materials will show them that you aren’t a marketing giant; you are a company worth their time and business.

Don’t use ads as a crutch

Ads are extremely helpful for businesses to raise their profits, but they should not be your only online strategy. If you follow our blog, you know that the key to social media marketing is based on building a relationship with your consumers. Don’t get into the habit of being all take and no give. Social media is a realm where people come together and stay in touch with friends and family. If you constantly bombard them with ads, they will eventually tune you out completely, and that is money down the drain for your company.

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