Visual Social Media with Pinterest & Instagram

Ashley Chimal | @prodbychim Social media has undoubtedly become more visual. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are adjusting accordingly. Consumers are drawn to things they can see, and individuals and companies are using photos to distinguish themselves and stand out among the rest.

Businesses are utilizing Instagram as another branding tool to promote their brands. Another popular epidemic is businesses utilizing Pinterest to reach their target audience. Originally, Pinterest was less accepting of businesses (who wants to be sold to while channeling creativity?) however, businesses are starting to figure out how they can use Pinterest without being too salesy.

Pinterest The top five most successful companies on Pinterest are Hubspot, Mashable, Kauffmann Foundation, Startup America, and TechCrunch, according to Forbes. These companies have shown successful use of branding themselves visually by repinning great resources, videos, blogs, infographics, etc. covering their target audience while extending their reach and providing more useful information that will keep consumers attention for hours.

Instagram Over 100 million people currently use Instagram, according to Mashable. Most will agree that the platform is one of the simplest mobile ways for photos to be shared. In addition, Instagram is also used by 40% of top brands, according to Inquisitr. This "bizstagram" methodology is an effective tool to be included in any social media strategy. Recently, Instagram announced web profiles, allowing users to share and photos easier online. People will now be able to access their photos more quickly on desktop. These features are good for both business and consumers to keep in mind while Instagramming.

The biggest complaint about this platform is concerning the quality of the photos. Since mobile camera technology is still improving, images already have a reduced resolution, and when filters are applied to an image, it automatically reduces the resolution more. Of course, professional photographers and image gurus have mixed feelings about the quality of the photos. Regardless, the service still seems to be growing and shows room for improving these issues within the next few years.


Social media is still adjusting to a visually intrigued humankind, so there are many improvements to come in the future. By including visuals in social media and understanding different features that come along with them, businesses and consumers will be able to bridge the communication gap between consumers and businesses to create more engagement online.

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