Consumer Feedback & Social Media Management

Jeffrey Young Consumer feedback via social media is more prominent than ever before.  Since businesses are able to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, they are also being given an unprecedented amount of feedback from consumers. Fortunately, there are organized ways to process consumer data to make sound business decisions.

74% of people who purchase entertainment products discussed them on social networks and 32% have made a sports-related  purchase as a result of seeing a social network post, according to Performics. Your business reputation matters, and social networks make that image more public than ever because of the two way communication that takes place between you and your clients.

There are several tools on the market that can help you gauge what people are saying about your business and ensure you're in the know about what's being said.  Google Alerts allows you to set up email notifications when a keyword, your company name for example, is mentioned online.

In addition, Social Mention is another powerful tool that allows you to search for a keyword mentioned anywhere online and easily sort the mentions by sentiment, source, and by many other measures.
With tools such as these, companies can more easily respond to criticism and praise in the right tone and more effectively communicate with their fans and followers.

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