Don’t forget the blog! Using the Social Media Business Equation in the blogosphere

Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer Social Media Delivered CEO Eve Mayer Orsburn pioneered the use of what she calls the Social Media Business Equation. This social media marketing strategy breaks down the content of an online outlet to create a large following.

The formula is as follows: 40% client interaction + 20% entertaining content + 20% informative content + 20% of conversion content =  successful, well-rounded social media.

Users of the strategy are believers for one reason: it works. More often than not, however, even the most avid social media users forget that this equation also applies to the success of their blog.

social media blogosphere

Attention to company blogs should never be neglected. They are an incredibly useful tool in creating a loyal following; people enjoy bite-sized, quickly read articles rich with useful information or entertaining news. In a world of instant gratification, blogging can provide readers with what they’re looking for in a short period of time while simultaneously creating interest in your brand. Just like in your social media content, however, it is important to mix up your content to address all the aspects of the social media business equation.

  • Provide entertaining content for your users. Nobody wants to read a sales pitch over and over again on a company blog. Write about interesting things that pertain to your industry. Put yourself in your client’s shoes; what makes them laugh, cry or crack a smile? Write it, and they will come.
  • People don’t just read blogs for all fun and games; they want information too. Think about what is important to your client and what they need to know. Writing for a makeup company? Write instructional blogs about how to do certain makeup, current hairstyle trends or the life expectancy of certain products. The entire point of informative content is to help the reader learn something useful. They will appreciate the tip.
  • Conversion content is just that. Blog posts with this approach should tie back to the company with the specific goal of gaining brand interest. Here is where you should talk about new products or services, company events or anything else that you want your potential clients to be aware of. It’s tempting for many companies to build a convert-only blog. Don’t do this; remember these posts should only comprise roughly 20 percent of your blog content. You want to build a rapport and good relationship with your prospective consumers. Don’t insult them with a constant sales pitch.
  • Finally, the key to any good blog is gaining reader interaction. This is where the most interesting content comes from because consumers are always jumping at an opportunity to have their voices heard. Ask your readers to participate. Have a caption contest, free giveaways, encourage comments or tweets in response to your postings. People love to be involved in the blogosphere; give them the chance to be and they will develop into loyal readers.

In a creative slump, applying the social media business equation to your blog is a great way to get the gears rolling and organize your content into an easily managed (and widely read) digital publication. Follow these guidelines and you’ll find that the consistent variety not only sits well with readers, but also builds your following and shareability.

Happy blogging!

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