A Roadmap to Event Tweeting

by Ashley Chimal | @prodbychim Promoting events on Twitter can make you feel lost without a roadmap. As a business or organization, your tweet frequency is a direct representation of how involved or proactive you are. If your social media strategy is effective in terms of events, you will not only gain Twitter followers, but all of your hard work will feel like it has paid off in the end.

Tweeting for events is tricky, and the struggle is in finding a balance. As an event organizer utilizing Twitter, you carry risks from both ends of the social media spectrum - from resembling a spammer to appearing as a passive host. Tweet too much about the event, and you carry the risk of being a source of annoyance to potential attendees; tweet too little, and your hard work may feel worthless in the end.

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So, Event Organizer, where should you start?

Let’s begin with the human mind. People tend to have happier emotions in the morning and evening, according to the Huffington Post, with fluctuating moods throughout the day. People are more likely to be engaged to listen around breakfast time and in the evening before 6PM. Tweeters confirm this with statistics of more positive tweets during this duration. In addition, people tend to be happier on the weekends. With this knowledge, you should stick to tweeting in the morning, and early evening so your content is both noticed and listened to. Two tweets daily is a great guideline to begin with. As your event gets closer, you will most likely want to increase to three tweets a day.

Before you begin the conversation, you should keep these points in mind:

  • Gather as much information as possible so you have enough details to inform your audience of. If you are the organizer delegating this task to someone else, be a chief communicator.
  • Remember your target audience. Who’s attention are you trying to grab and what type of person are you wanting to reach out to about the event?
  • Keep your tweets fresh. Boil your information down and be strategic with your words (remember you only have 140 characters).
  • Mix it up. Creating interaction is one of the most significant ways to gain followers.
  • Include videos, photographs, and anything related to the event that will engage potential attendees.
  • Utilize hashtags # to your advantage.
  • Designate a specific hashtag for the event in order to create a Twitter trend.
  • This is an effective way to encourage people to tweet about the event and increase the amount of information within the trend. When a random tweeter comes across your tweet, they will be able to click on the event’s hashtag and pull more information they’ve previously missed.

Once you have your content all planned out, you’ll be fully equipped to start the conversation and have others join in. If you follow these tips correctly, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for being a successful event organizer in the world of social media.

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