Top 20 Animals on Social Media to follow from @SocialMediaDel

Jamie Nanquil | @the_jamielynn This will be difficult, because as you may well know, Social Media Delivered is comprised mostly of dog-people. Also, because I own one of the most handsome dogs ever, Kota Bear. Here's a picture just so you can fully comprehend just how handsome he is:

Okay, enough of that. I have put aside my bias to bring you, in no particular order, the top 20 animals (yes, including cats) on social media. If you're looking to boost your company's virality, maybe what you're missing is the adorability factor. Take a look at how these animals have taken over social media:

Boo - @Boo

If you haven't heard of Boo, where have you been hiding? This adorable Pomeranian burst onto the social media scene in May of 2009 and now has a book and even a stuffed animal toy. With over 5.1 million likes on Facebook, Boo is definitely top dog.

Sockamillion - @sockington

Sockington or "Sockamillion" is a true rags-to-riches story. Found as a stray in 2004, Sockington blew up on Twitter just 3 years later and now has over 1.4 million followers.

Sullivan - @sullyburger

Join the thousands of Twitter followers who keep up with the antics of this charming rescue pup, belonging to the creators of

Maru - @marutaro

Maru Taro may just be the most popular dog on the ever-growing app, Instagram. With a face like that, it's no wonder this 4-year-old Shiba-Inu, living in Japan, has over 144,000 followers.

Common Squirrel - @common_squirrel

Run run run run. Although this squirrel may not have the most original or profound tweets, he is still the most beloved rodent on social media with almost 80,000 followers.

Raccoon Willie - @damygeebo

Admit it, you've always wondered what it's like to have a pet raccoon. Wonder no more. Willie, a stay-at-home raccoon from Kansas City, has racked up over 7.5 million views on YouTube.

Tommy the Pomeranian - @tommypom

Another Pomeranian hitting this top 20 list, Tommy is Tumblr's mascot and furriest intern. Get a glimpse into his glamorous life through his daily Tumblr entries, Facebook posts, and tweets - he does it all.

Cooper - @photographercat

Bet you didn't know cats could take pictures, let alone put out their own photo book and garner over 94,000 likes on Facebook. Well, Cooper the Photographer Cat, a 6-year-old American Shorthair cat in Seattle certainly can.


Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog - @MarinaHD2001

His name says it all. This poor puppy's sleeping problems made him a viral success with over 45 million views on YouTube. That's something to put your mind at ease - we wish you sweet dreams, Bizkit!

Lance - @TarantuLance

We've got to give some credit to Lance. We all know spiders aren't always the most popular, but this is one 8-legged creature that is gaining favor. Pet tarantula to Canadian singer, and songwriter, Lights, Lance is the only spider I'll ever follow.

JoJo the Ferret - @JoJoFerret

I don't know much about ferrets but if you're a fan, JoJo is one to follow. JoJo posts pictures, tweets regularly and interacts with followers frequently. Don't be shy to tweet JoJo! You might just get a #FF (that's FerretFriday, not FollowFriday).

Bronx Zoo Cobra - @BronxZoosCobra

This 20-inch-long Egyptian cobra slithered into our hearts after escaping from and being returned to the Bronx Zoo over a year ago and is still keeping over 200,000 followers captivated with its witty tweets.


Oprah Winfree - @OprahTheDog

No, not that Oprah. Although, this one is making quite a name for herself in the Twittersphere. She belongs to rapper 50 Cent so you know she knows what's up.


Casey and Sassy's Cat Diaries - @thecatdiaries

I'm not one to sit down and watch cat videos on YouTube, but I know you cat people are out there. Take a look at The Cat Diaries of Casey and Sassy. They don't play the keyboard, but they do just about everything else.


Beast -

I promise this is the last animal on the list that belongs to someone famous, but I had to do it. This amazing Puli belongs to none other than Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Honey Badger - @honeybadger

Honey Badger don't care that he's in our top 20, but after the honey badger video went viral in January of 2011 and after growing over 12,000 followers on Twitter, it was an easy pick.

TuggerTails - @TuggerTowne

This TuggerTerrific pup's charming personality has gained him over 2,000 faithful TuggerTroopies on Facebook. Tune in to TuggerTowne to see what TuggerTrouble Tugger gets into.

Rudy - @RudyTheParrot

Parrots these days - they not only talk and sing, but they also tweet. The only bird to represent in this top 20, Rudy is truly a character as evidenced in his tweets and YouTube videos.


Dexter - @dexterthedog

Don't let his tiny legs fool you, Dexter's out for world domination, starting with the Twittersphere. If you want tips on how to rule the world, look no further: Dexter tweets out his best tips for total dominion.

Tuffy the Cat - @TuffyCat

Over 9,000 tweeters follow the daily musings of this Flame-point Siamese mix. So, if you're one of those aforementioned cat-lovers, be sure to follow and don't forget to give Tuffy a meow out!

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